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Alligator Hunt on the Atchafalya!

by on Jul.24, 2017, under General

Look out!! There’s an alligator on the port quarter! Which is worse than a clingon on the starboard bow! Grumps (Ian) and Whackie Jackie are here to visit me from Geelong, Australia, and we did an airboat ride in the Atchafalaya basin looking for gators… and oh boy, did we find some! (continue reading…)

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Natchez with cheese!

by on Jun.27, 2017, under Steamships

Look where I was on the weekend. Another bucket list item ticked off… the Mississippi steamboat Natchez, pride of the “Big Easy”, New Orleans Louisiana. (continue reading…)

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2000 miles with a 40 year old virgin!

by on Mar.18, 2017, under General

When I was just a school kid, all I wanted when I grew up was a Chev Corvette. So when I came to the USA with no money, all I could afford was a 40 year old car… so I bought that old Corvette and furfilled my boyhood dream. And after months of fiddling with this n that, she was ready for a 2000 mile adventure to see the Atlantic Ocean. I wonder if I should also plan a trip to California to see the Pacific Ocean? (continue reading…)

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Hey there Big boy… going my way?

by on Mar.08, 2017, under Steam engines

So you remember back in June, I posted about big steam locomotives in the USA? Well recently I had a close encounter of the turd kind with the most famous of big locos, the union pacific “Big Boy”!!!

The Union Pacific Railway, was originally called the Onion Pacific and used to haul big train loads of onions along the rabbit proof fence to the pacific ocean at California, hence the name Onion Pacific. (I think I read that somewhere… it was constructed by the US emperor Nasi Goreng, I think.) (continue reading…)

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La de dah… It’s Mardi Gras!

by on Feb.21, 2017, under General

Ethyl, well she’s my old corvette. And she loves nothing better than a parade! And now that it’s Mardi Gras time, what better excuse to polish up and roll out and wave to all the girls in town, than a Mardi Gras parade, right? (continue reading…)

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Willie Wonka and the wall of beer!

by on Feb.21, 2017, under General

The wall of beer!

I was having a quiet ale at McFarlane’s Irish pub here in the Lake Charles resort community when the barman, who had noticed my taste for beer was “different” to the local palate, offered me to try something completely different, that only a foreigner would understand. (continue reading…)

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Keeping your ducks in a row

by on Jul.03, 2016, under General

construction 5As you now know, we are building 3 new LNG trains here in Southwest Louisiana, USA. My position is the shift manager and I have 24 troublesome little ducks working for me. So just like a good mother duck, I took them out from the nest in the offices as we were tired of shuffling paper, reading documents, and working out how all this is going to work. We went for a walk out on the construction site to see some of the major pieces of equipment which are being lifted onto freshly poured concrete foundations. It’s hard keeping them all together as their enthusiasm often has them walking off in opposite directions when they spot something interesting, like one of our new 130,000 horsepower gas turbines! (continue reading…)

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Is this how it ends? After 73 years?

by on Jun.25, 2016, under Adaqua

Adaqua4I am heart broken. My dream girl ADAQUA is in trouble. I was forced to sell her off last month too cheaply, but not living in Australia at the moment, was unable to take care of her. Thinking that if I sold her cheap, someone would be able to not spend too much on the purchase price but could easily afford to look after her, and one day I would come home and even buy her back again. But these thoughts appear to be over…. (continue reading…)

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Kick arse steam locos of the USA!

by on Jun.20, 2016, under Steam engines

Ohio Triplex Matt ShayGidday team… It’s me your long lost bro from the rebel Southern states. Well Louisiana can’t get much further South now, can we? In a work update, they finally moved me and the other supervisor from a cupboard behind the door at the existing facility to the new construction project. They have me stuck in a classroom with 26 of my operations team, all reporting to me, ringing me up every 5 minutes that they have to get off work early today for a doctors appoointment, can’t come in today coz I’m sick, I want to take September off to go alligator shooting with my buddies, or deer shooting in August. Oh, I’m sick of it already, keeping track of so many isn’t easy! (continue reading…)

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Happy New Year everybody!

by on Jan.12, 2016, under General

IMG_0553Another year over already? I invited a few friends around to my place as a house warming and NYE party combined. Pete had just arrived from Australia, and we had a great evening planned. Then after our hang over recovered, we were going to leave on a road trip to Tennessee! (continue reading…)

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