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Keeping your ducks in a row

by on Jul.03, 2016, under General

construction 5As you now know, we are building 3 new LNG trains here in Southwest Louisiana, USA. My position is the shift manager and I have 24 troublesome little ducks working for me. So just like a good mother duck, I took them out from the nest in the offices as we were tired of shuffling paper, reading documents, and working out how all this is going to work. We went for a walk out on the construction site to see some of the major pieces of equipment which are being lifted onto freshly poured concrete foundations. It’s hard keeping them all together as their enthusiasm often has them walking off in opposite directions when they spot something interesting, like one of our new 130,000 horsepower gas turbines! (continue reading…)

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Is this how it ends? After 73 years?

by on Jun.25, 2016, under Adaqua

Adaqua4I am heart broken. My dream girl ADAQUA is in trouble. I was forced to sell her off last month too cheaply, but not living in Australia at the moment, was unable to take care of her. Thinking that if I sold her cheap, someone would be able to not spend too much on the purchase price but could easily afford to look after her, and one day I would come home and even buy her back again. But these thoughts appear to be over…. (continue reading…)

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Kick arse steam locos of the USA!

by on Jun.20, 2016, under Steam engines

Ohio Triplex Matt ShayGidday team… It’s me your long lost bro from the rebel Southern states. Well Louisiana can’t get much further South now, can we? In a work update, they finally moved me and the other supervisor from a cupboard behind the door at the existing facility to the new construction project. They have me stuck in a classroom with 26 of my operations team, all reporting to me, ringing me up every 5 minutes that they have to get off work early today for a doctors appoointment, can’t come in today coz I’m sick, I want to take September off to go alligator shooting with my buddies, or deer shooting in August. Oh, I’m sick of it already, keeping track of so many isn’t easy! (continue reading…)

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Happy New Year everybody!

by on Jan.12, 2016, under General

IMG_0553Another year over already? I invited a few friends around to my place as a house warming and NYE party combined. Pete had just arrived from Australia, and we had a great evening planned. Then after our hang over recovered, we were going to leave on a road trip to Tennessee! (continue reading…)

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City Slickers!

by on Dec.31, 2015, under General

city slickersPete finally arrived from Australia after being lost in Texas and having me worried sick! It was Boxing day and I had volunteered to work the Christmas holiday period so my local colleagues could have the time with their families. I was only going home to a cold empty house, so it didn’t matter to me. As Pete flew into Dallas airport, a mini hurricane appeared from nowhere and smashed through the area leaving a wake of destruction and 11 people dead. Pete was hovering over the Dallas Fort worth airport spinning in mid air with the pilot trying to figure out where they would land, eventually diverting to Austin. (continue reading…)

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They said you’d never make it…

by on Dec.16, 2015, under General

Mack fire truck 1932I remember working at Shell Geelong and a crew got sent to the world famous Texas A&M fire training school. I said I needed to go too, but was told… “Mark, you will never, ever, ever go there! Forget it!” (continue reading…)

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The house that Jack built

by on Dec.12, 2015, under General

I 2609 Deaton Streethave finally moved into some almost permanent accommodation. Its a lovely little 3 bedroom cottage which recently underwent total restoration. The best part is the big garage for Ethyl, and a whole third of an acre to stretch out in! (continue reading…)

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Galveston, Oh Galveston!

by on Nov.04, 2015, under General

galvestonEven the singer Glenn Campbell thought this place was nice! After a week of plant process design reviews in Houston, the big concrete jungle, I detoured past the famous Johnson Space Centre and down to the coast to Galveston Island. Beautiful architectural buildings, coffee shops, a vintage sailing ship and a great railway museum. It’s got the lot! (continue reading…)

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Chenault Air Show

by on Oct.26, 2015, under General

planeIt takes a crazy man to put a jet engine into a truck…. so how crazy would you be to put 3 jet engines into a truck? “Shockwave” was just one of the amazing attractions I saw at the Chenault air base here in Louisiana at their annual airshow. With Hurricane Patricia breaking up over the gulf, it was bound to start raining soon, but there was too much to see and do before she arrived. (continue reading…)

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It’s all bigger in TEXAS!

by on Oct.19, 2015, under Steamships

20151004_123207I was in awe of the sheer size of South Steyne’s engines when I got to be her engineer while she was in Victoria, many years ago. The largest of Sydney’s Manly ferries and the only one to remain steam powered, had a 4 cylinder, triple expansion engine (LP divided into 2 cylinders) balanced on the “Yarrow, Schlick and Tweedy” system and producing a massive 2,000 horsepower. But a recent trip to Texas USA put things into perspective as I crawled all over the main engines of the USS TEXAS, a world war 1 veteran and now museum ship. (continue reading…)

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